I'm Yanjun Ding which is an international student from China. I'm now a senior student in Winona State University, I-design major with studio practice concentration.

Drawing things is kind like a way of pulling things out of my head and making sense of them, like part of my certain language. I showed a lot of interests about drawing since I’m young. And a lot of my images is an exploration of childhood obsessions: aliens, monsters, spaceships, robots, strange animals. This sense of wonderment about the visual world is what led me into creating drawings, and what I try to communicate to the viewer. I feel I'm a shy person and usually don’t like talking a lot. So drawing is like a part of my language. After I came to college and switch my major from studio art to I-design, I notice that drawing is no longer confined just on the paper. Digital and multimedia is the new trend of current illustration.


During the college, I work traditionally in paint as well as digitally and work with the attitude that digital media is an extension of the traditional. My current works is a distillation of the drawing and process I've developed in these years, and I often work around a narrative, concept, and try to make them fantastic but believable. Having some kind of projects is important to my growth as an Illustrator or visual identity designer. Which working for combining drawing, design and creative skills to develop ideas and produce strong impact visual images for different range of product and clients. 


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